State of the Art Machine Learning for Classifying Vegetation

AI-powered, Integrated, Modular Analytics Platform for Intelligent Ecological Management

Tyton EIS is an AI-powered, holistic, ecological data platform built on three key solutions: Rehabilitation, Condition, and Biodiversity. Each solution contains several integrated modules for storing, managing, analysing, reporting, and learning from your ecological data. Track your performance, detect risks, quantify liabilities, and continuously improve for better environmental outcomes.

State-of-the-Art Environmental Monitoring & Management Software

Designed by ecologists and built by specialist developers, Tyton EIS is a modular, cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for environmental management. Its modules cover multiple aspects of rehabilitation monitoring, vegetation condition assessment, weed management, carbon offset accounting, and fauna monitoring. Tyton EIS integrates a wide range of data, including remotely sensed outputs, field observations, and numerical data, to provide unprecedented visualisation, functionality, and analyses.

The Tyton EIS empowers environmental managers with extensive capabilities in:

Leveraging your Data to Learn

We believe every monitoring event is an opportunity to learn and improve. The key is accurate, quantitative data, captured and stored consistently through time. Tyton EIS provides a single source of the truth, facilitating clear visualisation and analyses of your time-series data to recognise trends, and identify drivers of successful ecological management.

Our modular system enables managers to combine multiple related environmental data sets, amplifying the platforms power to detect ecological relationships and risks, and informing improvements to best practice, for better environmental outcomes.

Our Solutions


Assess and monitor large-scale rehabilitation sites with the highest level of accuracy.


Identify, track and minimise the risk of anthropogenic activities on local environmental systems.


Get a single source of truth across your flora, fauna, vegetation and carbon data.

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See How Tyton AI and Tyton EIS Work Together

Tyton AI and EIS work together by delivering an advanced whole-of-site study that provides valuable insights into ecological function, and informs ongoing decision-making to enable organisations to successfully monitor and care for the environment.

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