Developed for use in the mining, agricultural, and carbon offset industries, Tyton AI is used for rehabilitation and vegetation condition monitoring, whole-of-site weed detection, targeted species searches, and carbon quantification monitoring in diverse systems. Tyton AI can accurately and economically detect individual plants across entire landscapes, ranging from 10’s to 1000’s of km².

With typical mean classification accuracies of >85%, Tyton AI identifies multiple classes from high-resolution aerial imagery, including vegetation (trees, shrubs, grasses, sedges, herbs), keystone species, groundwater-dependent tree species, and weeds.

Built on Data

The Tyton AI model is built on thousands of ground-truthing locations, millions of pixels of training data, and billions of classified pixels.


Tyton AI was developed by highly experienced field ecologists, spatial analysts, and machine learning engineers to deliver the most cutting-edge solution on the market.

Spatial & Spectral Insights

The Tyton AI solution has been designed and built to consume a wide range of both spatial and spectral data resolutions.

More Classes

TytonAI currently identifies more flora & vegetation classes than any other platform, and there are always more in development.

State-of-The-Art Machine Learning for Vegetation Mapping, Monitoring, and Analysis

Tyton AI delivers whole-of-site assessments of individual plants at the landscape scale, driving step-change improvements in:

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A Level of Accuracy & Insight Never Seen Before

Tyton AI currently offers automated detection of more classes than any other product on the market, making it the most advanced AI environmental monitoring tool available. Designed for an ever-increasing scope of application, we are continually expanding classification capabilities.

Removing Traditional Error

Traditionally, transects or quadrats have been used to conduct on-ground monitoring. While the sample is a small fraction (~1%) of the total area, it’s often assumed that this sample accurately represents the remaining 99%. These methods are made more unreliable by human estimations, which can hold variance of up to 20%.

Using consistent, quantitative, whole-of-site, machine learning analyses, Tyton AI removes sampling errors associated with traditional on-ground monitoring.

The result – better information, clearer trends, and more informed, accurate decision making.

Already Applied to 1,000’s of km² for the World’s Largest Mines

The TytonAI process

Step 1

Capture aerial data.

Step 2

Complete ground truthing survey.

Step 3

Use TytonAI to automatically classify lifeforms, and target genera/species. Perform accuracy assessment.

Step 4

Generate key metrics / measurements and data analysis.

Step 5

Make data and reporting available to client.

The Future is Now

In just the last few years, we have seen rapid developments in cloud computing power, machine learning, computer vision technology, and accessibility to high-resolution aerial imagery, including drones, manned aircraft, and satellites. 

Tyton Ecological Intelligence is a proud leader in using these technologies for nature-positive solutions.

Our state-of-the-art machine learning model, Tyton AI, is the most sophisticated tool on the market for identifying vegetation lifeforms, target genres and species of interest at the individual plant-to-landscape scale.

See How Tyton AI and Tyton EIS Work Together

Tyton AI and EIS work together by delivering an advanced whole-of-site study that provides valuable insights into ecological function, and informs ongoing decision-making to enable organisations to successfully monitor and care for the environment.

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