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Our Rehabilitation suite of solutions includes modules for flora & vegetation rehabilitation data, topsoil management, seed inventory and application, and landform/erosion monitoring. Where applicable, these modules integrate to provide rehabilitation practitioners with a comprehensive and robust data set and a single source of truth.

Store and visualise holistic rehabilitation data, from individual polygons to a multi-mine/multi-region scale.

Query environmental and rehabilitation parameters for 00’s-000’s of individual rehabilitation areas (including topography, age, treatments, and climate history), as well as all rehabilitation monitoring data (including remotely-sensed and on-ground surveys and inspections).

Identify drivers of rehabilitation success and potential risks to failure, quantifying rehabilitation liability across your entire operation.

Store, visualise, and analyse erosion data at the feature, polygon, and site scale.

Track erosion over time and classify features as active, stabilising, or stable.

Identify key erosion risks and contributors to erosion, allowing you to adapt and reduce erosion in existing and new sites.

Manage seed stocks, store important seed data (provenance, age, storage conditions, etc.) and generate seed orders with our comprehensive inventory function.

Quickly and easily​ build regional and landform-appropriate seed mixes based on local vegetation community data.

Calculate seed mix quantities based on site characteristics, seed purity, seed viability, and a host of other factors.

Forecast seed requirements with our planning tool to ensure you always have the correct species on hand for the landform you wish to rehabilitate.

Store topsoil, stockpile locations, origin, age, storage characteristics (e.g. height) and volume, and track changes through time.

Track rehabilitation on sites where topsoil is applied, and relate to flora and vegetation monitoring data to identify drivers and risks to rehabilitation success.

Calculate topsoil requirements for future projects, quantify deficits, and identify the nearest source stockpiles for rehabilitation.

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Assess and monitor large-scale rehabilitation sites with the highest level of accuracy.


Identify, track and minimise the risk of anthropogenic activities on local environmental systems.


Get a single source of truth across your flora, fauna, vegetation and carbon data.

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