Weed Monitoring
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Our Condition suite of solutions assists managers in identifying and tracking potential impacts of anthropogenic activities on local environmental systems, providing clear oversight and minimising risk. Tyton Condition consists of modules for vegetation health and condition monitoring (including Riparian vegetation systems), and weed survey and management.

Store and visualise Tyton AI data from your study site at a range of scales, from individual tree species of interest (e.g. ground-water dependent), to the whole-of-study area.

Quantify changes in vegetation structure, composition, and health through time.

Determine the potential impacts of varying hydrological regimes, discharge locations, and vegetation community assemblages.

Identify key weed species across entire area of responsibility, including new infestations, and high-risk locations such as topsoil stockpiles and undisturbed land.

Provide accurate weed location data for onsite weed control.

Track weed dispersal through time and infer key causes of origin and spread.

Assess efficacy of weed management programs and ensure compliance requirements are being met.

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Assess and monitor large-scale rehabilitation sites with the highest level of accuracy.


Identify, track and minimise the risk of anthropogenic activities on local environmental systems.


Get a single source of truth across your flora, fauna, vegetation and carbon data.

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Tyton AI and EIS work together by delivering an advanced whole-of-site study that provides valuable insights into ecological function, and informs ongoing decision-making to enable organisations to successfully monitor and care for the environment.

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