About Tyton Ecological Intelligence

We are a team of spatial ecologists, machine learning engineers, and software specialists. Our innovation is guided by our in-house group of ecologists, botanists and zoologists, ensuring we can deliver real change to the industry through our whole of site assessment machine learning capability and EIS toolsets.

Driving Optimal Ecological Results

Millcrest Environmental Technology’s solutions empower forward-thinking organisations to harness the power of  true innovation for environmental monitoring and care.

We do this through our integrated suite of AI /ML solutions that capture and analyse evolving environmental conditions, helping you make data-driven decisions, identify trends, and quantify risks.

Working in lock-step with organisations, we’re passionate about driving optimal ecological results for your projects to support your business’s sustainable future.

Our People​

Our strength lies in our team of highly experienced spatial analysts, machine learning engineers, and software developers, sitting side by side with our ecological experts, sharing technical expertise and industry experience, to produce state-of-the-art environmental solutions that solve real-world problems. We are driven by a unified by a passion for technology-driven environmental sustainability. 

Our ongoing innovation is guided by our in-house group of ecologists, botanists and zoologists, ensuring we deliver the best environmental outcomes through our whole-of-site assessment machine learning capability and EIS toolsets.

“Remote sensing and monitoring is the new standard for future-focused organisations. More and more, we are seeing industry partners who are eager to invest in this technology to ensure their operations are sustainable.”

Dr. Cam Mounsey


Our Story

Technology and the environment are often perceived as being at opposite ends of the spectrum, but we believe they can co-exist to the betterment of the other.

Millcrest Environmental Technology was born with a central mission: to develop cutting edge technology to drive better environmental outcomes for modern business.

Technology is evolving quickly. In just the last few years, a confluence of improvements to cloud computing power, machine learning computer vision, and availability of high-resolution aerial imagery from drones, manned aircrafts, and satellites, mean it’s now possible to observe, assess, and respond to environmental factors with unprecedented accuracy and foresight.

We are proud industry pioneers at the forefront of utilising these technologies to support environmental managers. Our Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) technology represents a new era in effective and informative environmental monitoring.

Tyton AI is our state-of-the-art machine learning model, capable of identifying vegetation lifeforms, target genres and species at the individual plant-to-landscape scale. Currently the most advanced tool on the market, it’s powered by our Ecological Information System – Tyton EIS.

Tyton EIS conducts in-depth, precise assessments of vegetation classes to inform ongoing management and decision-making. We are passionate about helping your organisation exceed your nature-positive goals.

Want To Work With Us?

Tyton EI has experts in environmental rehabilitation, artificial intelligence/machine learning, GIS, big data, and software development and we’re looking to bring more talented people into the fold.

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Working hand in hand with organisations, we specialise in a future-forward approach to drive the most optimal outcomes for your environmental projects.