State-of-the-Art Environmental
Monitoring & Management Software

The Tyton Ecological Intelligence suite combines state-of-the-art machine learning technology for environmental monitoring with an integrated, modular, analytics platform for ecological management, helping you make data-driven decisions, identify trends, and quantify risks, for better environmental outcomes.

Tyton is The New Standard in Environmental Management

Today’s stakeholders expect more. Organisations must demonstrate their commitment to an innovative and future-focused approach, while delivering a new expectation of environmental outcomes.

Our industry leading software redefines the standard for environmental monitoring and decision-making, providing  managers with highly accurate, consistent, quantitative, data, at a resolution and scale not seen before.

By using Tyton, your business is redefining the standard for environmental monitoring and stewardship.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Are at Your Fingertips

To minimise risk and ensure positive environmental outcomes, managers need the whole picture.

Our state-of-the-art Machine Learning tool, TytonAI, identifies vegetation lifeforms, genres, and species of interest, at the landscape scale.

Our data analytics platform, TytonEIS, stores this data, integrating it with related environmental data sets and facilitating powerful analyses and insights to ensure your organisation is achieving the highest environmental outcomes available.

Our Solutions


Assess and monitor large-scale rehabilitation sites with the highest level of accuracy.


Identify, track and minimise the risk of anthropogenic activities on local environmental systems.


Get a single source of truth across your flora, fauna, vegetation and carbon data.

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State-of-the-Art Environmental
Monitoring & Management Software

Monitored Area to Date:

27,830 ha
of Rehabilitation Monitoring
107,000 ha
of Whole of Site Weed Monitoring
91,000 ha
of Vegetation Condition Monitoring
55,100 ha
of Baseline Vegetation Assessment

TytonAI can deliver whole-of-site assessments with an incredible amount of accuracy. TytonAI is the most advanced AI environmental monitoring tool available on the market.

TytonEIS is a modular, cloud-based Ecological Information System (EIS) for storing, visualising, analysing, and communicating integrated ecological data.

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Working hand in hand with organisations, we specialise in a future-forward approach to drive the most optimal outcomes for your environmental projects.